Welcome Florida Barter Members to International Monetary Systems

Welcome Florida Barter Members!

International Monetary Systems is proud to welcome you to our growing network! While you’re here, register your IMS Account, check out the Marketplace, look at your expanded travel opportunities, review your new trading partners across the United States, download the IMS App, and make note of the new toll-free authorization line.

As always, your brokers are willing and able to help you with whatever needs you may have. The email addresses have changed, however the telephone numbers and faces remain the same. We’re excited to bring you more opportunities to trade both nationally and locally!

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Your Broker Team

Scott M. Whitmer Melissa Birmele CTB Sana Whitmer Cathy Lagrange CTB
Regional Manager Trade Broker Trade Broker Branch Manager
(321) 397-2050 (321) 397-2050 (321) 397-2050 (727) 524-6800
scott.whitmer@imsbarter.com melissa.birmele@imsbarter.com sana.whitmer@imsbarter.com cathy.lagrange@imsbarter.com

Your Travel Department

Kim Strabley MTB Clare Chewe-Facey CTB Joyce Bingman CTB Lori Banks CTB Holly Steeves Megan Walter
Vice President Travel Department Manager Travel Broker Travel Broker Travel Broker Travel Broker
262-780-3640 ext 1207 800-559-8515 ext 1217 321-397-2050 800-559-8515 ext 1236 800-559-8515 ext 1221 800-559-8515 ext 1222
kim.strabley@imsbarter.com clare.chewe-facey@imsbarter.com joyce.bingman@imsbarter.com lori.banks@imsbarter.com holly.steeves@imsbarter.com megan.walter@imsbarter.com