How It Works

Creating a profitable barter program without prior experience could seem like an overwhelming task. The advantages to corporate barter are clearly beneficial, but where does one begin? Once you take the simple first step of contacting us, we'll start working towards your success.

IMS Corporate Barter has made it as easy as contacting the experienced IMS Business Development Team who will customize a barter strategy that positions your company for achieving stronger financial success. IMS' initial analysis includes the identification of areas where we can address not only your current cash expenses, but also your projected operating costs, on a cash-free basis. The reputation IMS has established since its inception has been built upon working with companies closely enough to be certain we meet their needs while simultaneously assuming the primary responsibility for the acquisition and logistics of the trades that benefit your company. This means that IMS Corporate Barter proactively seeks ways to assure that you receive ongoing value through specific, appropriate opportunities that reduce your costs while supporting your business growth objectives.

Contact IMS' Business Development Team to start improving your bottom line today.