Excess Capacities

Excess capacity can include empty hotel rooms, unfilled airline seats, empty restaurant tables, unsold pages in a magazine or newspaper, open broadcast time and unsold outdoor media. IMS Corporate Barter has a long and successful history of delivering increased revenue on both sides of the balance sheet. For example, for hospitality clients, IMS delivers increased reservations by making the property available to other IMS clients who may stay on trade, but spend cash for incidentals. The trade dollars earned are then used instead of cash to acquire products and services such as media, printing, etc. An added benefit is that the media purchased with IMS credit delivers significant new CASH revenue by attracting guests that pay 100% cash for their stays. For advertising clients, we have suitable potential advertisers for virtually any publication or media vehicle. This helps to eliminate the need to resort to "house" ads which generate no revenue to apply towards the cost of future purchases.

IMS Corporate Barter has worked with thousands of hospitality, advertising and media clients - our client base is split almost equally among these three industries. Many of them use trade for advertising (and even media companies advertise), branding campaigns, value-added options for key accounts, ad specialties, etc.