About IMS Corporate Barter

IMS Corporate Barter began 28 years ago when one of our longā€term retail barter clients came to us with a large inventory of computers and the need for significant media exposure. After successfully negotiating a deal that leveraged their inventory for budgeted cash expenses, we realized that many companies with excess inventories or excess capacities needed more than retail barter could deliver. These companies needed large-scale transactions executed carefully, with sound value, superior service, and with attention to their current distribution channels.

IMS Corporate Barter continues to build upon one of the most respected and successful corporate barter channels available today. Our professional team includes experienced media professionals, travel experts, product fulfillment staff, dedicated account managers and a management team of highly experienced corporate barter professionals. This, along with our solid network of clients, helps large companies tap into new channels that deliver profits from previously undervalued inventories.