Success Stories

In the U.S. alone, more than 450,000 companies engage in barter for a total of $16 billion in annual sales (sourced through The International Reciprocal Trade Association). Companies find that corporate barter is a valuable component of their operation. Advertising outlets, manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and service businesses now use barter to turn unsold media, excess inventories and other downtime into a strategy for attracting new business. Contact IMS today to explore how barter can help your business operate more profitably.

Manufacturer Uses Excess Inventory to Stretch Marketing Budget

A high-end luggage manufacturer used trade to promote local retailers in select major markets by trading excess inventory for billboards and advertising in consumer magazines. Through this cooperative ad campaign, local retailers paid the manufacturer cash for half of the advertising costs and the manufacturer financed the remaining costs with access to excess inventory. This transaction allowed the manufacturer to run a high-impact ad campaign. Their remaining barter credit was used to host a management meeting at a popular resort in the western U.S.

Restaurant Chain Boosts Sales with Targeted Advertising

A national restaurant chain with under-performing outlets in several major markets traded gift certificates to be redeemed throughout the country. They utilized the value of these gift certificates to implement a marketing campaign that included targeted taxi-top advertising and magazine ads in select cities. The result of this cash-free campaign is that it increased consumer awareness in their targeted markets.

Manufacturer Leverages Margins to Increase Advertising

A leading manufacturer of designer tableware traded their merchandise for advertising in a national gourmet magazine. Since the advertising was purchased with the prior season's merchandise, they significantly increased their profit margins and reached their target audience.

Hotels Boost Cash Revenue by Offering Meeting Space on Barter

Throughout the year, clients contact IMS Corporate Barter to secure meeting space on trade for executive retreats, sales incentive trips, and other business travel. A national magazine publisher was able to underwrite the cost of their annual executive retreat at a corporate conference center by trading pages in their publications.

Manufacturer Conserves Cash by Trading Product at Full Retail Value

A leading manufacturer of designer eyewear traded slow-moving inventory in exchange for the printing of their marketing materials. By getting full retail value for the merchandise, the client preserved cash flow and improved profitability.

Billboard Company Trades Unsold Inventory

An outdoor signage company had unsold space and made it available on trade. The value generated from trading this inventory was used to secure vinyl production materials that were offered as a value-added incentive to close a large cash transaction.

Media Company Purchases Luxury Corporate Gifts

A prominent media company had selected an upscale gift item that it wanted to present to 2500 key contacts as their corporate holiday gift. IMS Corporate Barter located a source that could produce the item on a full-trade basis. IMS worked with the client to plan ahead, ensuring that the item was delivered on time and on budget.Media Company Purchases Luxury Corporate Gifts

Timeshare Makes Necessary Property Improvements and saves Money

A leading timeshare vacation company has implemented a procurement plan for reducing cash expenditures at all their properties. Through this initiative, they were able to finance the purchase of room accessories and window treatments and reduced overall printing costs by 50%.